Saturday, August 13, 2011

Khepri and His Responsibilities (Part 1)

"Amazing, Heiny!  Look at how, well, colossal those Colossi are!"

"The Colossi are aptly named.  I especially appreciate the reference to Troy, even if it suggests some Euro-centrism on the part of the those who named them."

"That's actually a really profound and mature thing for you to say."

"Obviously we should give them good, strong German names.  A strong name for a strong monument.  Perhaps something like, Jörg for that one on the east, and Jürgen for the other."

"Uh.  Ugh.  Never mind.  So, these are the statues that were supposed to sing?"  Polly turned to get a better look, shielding his eyes against the sun with one of his paws.

"Ja.  That one, over there."

Polly walked closer, with Heinrich following close behind.  The feline stopped abruptly, peering into the cracks between the stones.

"Erm, I think I hear talking coming from that Colossi."

Heinrich scoffed.  "Impossible.  The 'song' reported by ancient tourists was only the hollow voice of the wind blowing through the gaps in the rock.  Even if those claims are true, there is certainly no precedent for hearing voices."

"Seriously, Heiny.  Shut up and listen."

Heinrich bent down and placed his ear to the place indicated by his companion.  His eyes widened.  He could, in fact, hear a tiny voice coming from the statue.  It currently seemed to be engaged in an intense debate with itself.

"You are right.  It is a little squeakier than I would have anticipated."

"What's it sayin'?"

"It seems to be demanding a pay raise."

Suddenly, Heinrich's head snapped back, as if he had been struck.

"OY!  Didn't your mother ever tell you not to eavesdrop on people?"

Polly balked.  "Um, sorry Mr. Jörg.  We didn' mean ta pry into your statue business."

The high-pitched voice seemed to increase in pitch.  "Who is Jörg?!  Does he owe me money?  My name is Khepri, and I'd appreciate it if you'd watch your feet.  You're about two inches away from stepping on me."

To be continued.

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