Wednesday, August 10, 2011

New Camera

Success!  Polly employed his "ub3r 1337 h4x" (what is that supposed to mean?) and got us a state of the art DSLR, the Nixon D3000 REBEL P Zoom FPS Self-Flushing Camera and Back Scratching Device,or the NRPZFPSSFCBS, for short.  This camera has it all, and then some!  So many uses!  Beispielsweise, it can take pictures, and I used it to scratch the rash on my hindquarters.  Sehr gut.

Hey Polly?

Polly: You want to know how I managed to swing this sweet gnu camera?

Indeed; I do.

Polly:  I got a credit card approval letter yesterday by courier.  These "Nigerian Xpress" guys can find anyone anywhere!  10,000 dollar limit, bitchazzzz. Check it, I also bought these postcards to send to all my wives back home.

I wasn't aware you were married.

Polly: A kingly stud like me?  Of course I am.  I have like, 400 chicks.  There are a lot of Priam's descendants wandering around downtown Istanbul.  Hey, weren't you marr-?

*Ahem*  A credit card, then?  How do you intend to pay all of this back? 

Polly: Trust me, bro.  I'm good for it.  I'll just use my treasure to cover the bills.  Let me tell you, when we find my stash, we are gonna be ROLLIN' in it.  I'll get you that diamond grill you always wanted.

What a kind sentiment, Polly. 

Polly: Bros before hoes, man.

"A noble love which attaches to a youthful [male] spirit issues in excellence upon the path of friendship."*

Polly: Close enough.  Right, so what's next on the bucket list?

I thought we might book a hot air balloon ride for tomorrow morning.  We will be able to see the Djeser-Djeseru and the Nile from there.

Polly: Fine with me.  I don't mind seeing the Nile from above.  I just hope we don't land in it.

*Plutarch, Dialog on Love

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