Thursday, July 28, 2011

Polly's Day

What's up?  I thought I'd write the blog entry fer today.  You see, us treasure hunters are still in Cairo.  Rich came down with a case of Tutankhamen's Revenge, so he's a little preoccupied at the moment.  I guess it's too much to always expect to be on schedule when you travel.  Once Rich decides to stop making hourly offerings to the porcelain god, we'll be on our way to Alexandria.

I really dig this place.  It's nice and warm, just like back home.

I went to the market today.  I bought a delicious fish.  All for me.  I ain't givin' any to Rich because he'd just waste it.  Well, I guess he can have the head if he really wants it, but I'm eating the rest.  

Fishy goodness will be mine

No one has treated me like royalty so far.  I thought Egyptians were into cat-worship.  Only a few dozen people stopped to tell me how cute I am.  Maybe it's this stupid hat Rich made me wear.  I already ditched the bow tie.

I'm gonna go the Cairo Tower now.  My nails need a good sharpen and I bet it makes an awesome scratching post.
- Polyphemus, otherwise known as King Priam of Troy

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