Friday, July 22, 2011

İstanbul Boğazı

My word, how I do love travel by ferry!  The smell of salt in the air, the gentle sea spray, the chemical pollution from heavy international shipping traffic.  The oysters here taste of man's progress.  The best part is, in the three hours it took for me to complete the day tour, I only vomited for approximately forty percent of it (a consequence of a disordered inner ear ravaged by past infections).  I suppose dining lightly before I left port was the intelligent thing to do after all, because I certainly became intimately reacquainted with the plate of lamb kebabs I had for breakfast, ho ho ho!

My apologies to the young lady seated behind me during my last attempt to empty any remaining stomach contentsmy fluid dynamics calculations did not take into account sudden gusts of wind.  Quite fortunately, by then most of the semi-solid matter had already exited my digestive system, so the liquid that came flying back through the window consisted only of stomach acid and bile.  I'm certain that will wash right out, Miss.

I am about to head back out into Constantinople for supper.  Oh!  I almost forgot my lucky trowel.  How would I eat without this most essential of utensils?

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