Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Back the Way We Came

Alexandria was brilliant, but neither Polly nor I expected to find any valuable treasure archaeological finds there, at least not without diving into sea.  I did suggest Polly and I use an overturned trash bin I found as a diving bell, but he flatly refused to enter the water under any circumstances.  I cannot say I blame himhades, I haven't bathed in two weeks, myself.

Thus, we mounted the camel and headed southerly.  The beast was ornery, as Camelidae often are, and made it a point to spit and nip at us whenever he had the chance.  He also seemed reluctant to eat the sandwich I offered it.  Come to think of it, what sort of animal meat went into that?

No matter.  The camel was returned safe and sound, and I got my trowel back.  Although, I think the trowel lost some weight.  Ali the Camel Merchant must not have been feeding it properly.

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